Jesse Watters threw his back out last week and that's why he was out last week. Glad to hear he's better now.

Starting off with sexual propaganda for young schoolchildren...

Tonight's episode is beginning with a dunking on Resident Biden and a rundown of his "greatest" hits.

Here for the Tucker Carlson Today clip show. EDIT: And the obligatory promo(s) for Tucker Carlson Originals. Any and all random thoughts are welcome!

Live Thread

Live Thread Right on Time!

Just in time for the tail end of Mark Steyn's hour!

Banning new single family homes so Democrats can win elections more easily? Yikes! Pandas4Trump was onto something there!

Why is jobs growth off by a lot, but employers are having trouble finding workers? The federal unemplyment check bump is too dang high, duh. I've heard stories of people showing up to work just long enough to be eligible for the extra checks then quitting and claiming an unsafe workplace to qualify for the boosted checks. Some places have boosted pay for entry-level positions to over USD$20 per hour, among other tactics to be actually able to do business.

Why is everything costing so much more than it even a few months ago? Many reasons: supply chain disruptions caused by prior and ongoing CHICOM-19 restrictions, ever-increasing monetary inflation (ongoing for over a decade), and of course, stimulus checks and boosted unemployment checks giving lots of people extra money to spend. My suggestion for weathering whatever's to come: learn to farm, and prepare your soul for Heaven.

What do you mean, no major hospital or university has released a protocol for minimizing the need for hospitalization for people who test positive and/or present with symptoms of CHICOM-19? Multiple drugs have been approved for emergency use, multiple drugs have been used off-label with varying degrees of success, and even vitamin/mineral supplementation may be of use.

Now, the Stacy Abrams special: a staff member who can effect the same voice as the narrator for Spongebob Squarepants reads a few paragraphs from one of Stacy Abrams's romance smut - I mean - novels. Are your thighs hard yet?

Finally, the deets on Frank Luntz and roommate - I mean - tenant Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy's only renting a bedroom in the luxury apartment! Nothing amiss here! Sure...

We're starting with the anti-white race-baiters. Turns out the Denver shooting suspect wasn't white, but a light-skinned Syrian (Asian) immigrant. I'm surprised the lamestream media didn't pivot towards attacking the suspect's pale skin (and fellow light-skinned people, "white" or not) instead of his (apparent) race. Oops, did I give the leftists one too many ideas?

What will we have in store tonight?

Live Thread


It's Inauguration Day! Let's dunk on the Bidens and "white supremacy" to celebrate!

"It's strange to say, but this is the last [full] day of the Trump administration."

Starting off dunking on Biden under harsher lighting than usual...

Starting with the Capitol Hill incident and condemning political violence for the umpteenth time...

I was too preoccupied last night to make a thread. Dang, Brit Hume, I normally don't have a problem with him, but last night was not one of his better takes.

So Martha McCallum is moving to 3:00 P.M. Not that I care...

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