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Is there a live thread on Reddit? Or am I missing it?

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Hey hey hey! Good evening. Figured I would swing over from the Reddit chat

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Our flag still is flying high and proud

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My husband won’t take the Trump flag down. It’s in our backyard. I was outside painting a sign and i could hear some talking and i saw through the slats in the fence that it was a very large man and his very large son (around 10) he was stopped and pointing to our Trump flag and making fun of it to his son. I opened the fence gate to which he looked surprised and I said “excuse me . What did you say?” I am 5’ and this guys kid was bigger than me he grabbed his kid and pulled him to him i then said “did you have something you wanted to say to me” he looked down and said “no” pulled his kid closer. My voice was very calm and quiet. He started to walk away and I said “it would be far more beneficial to teach your child love and not intolerance” he started to walk away faster. My blood pressure is at 100000/950.

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You always bring good news!!! Stay strong